Growing a SexTech Startup

Alley Chelsea 1119 W 24th st, New York City, NY

Entrepreneurs and startups have made great strides in reframing perceptions of the sextech industry. Statistics MRC noted that globally, the sexual wellness market was accounted for $39.42 billion in 2017 and is expected to grow to reach $122.96 billion by 2026. Leaders in the sexual wellness space are modernizing the ways people interact with technology […]


Sex Robots: Are We Ready?

Old Street Gallery 62 Paul Street, London

#2nd edition of UNSENSORED talks! Sex robot is a buzzword, an appealing headliner for a magazine cover. But what is actually behind it? In the 1st edition of UNSENSORED talks we tackled sex robots through the unconventional disembodied lens, however, many still think about Sex Robots n the image of the mankind. Moreover, these robots […]

£11.37 – £28.62

[ S-BOTS ] SexTech Party

Secret London

Pre-Launch Taster Edition of UNSENSORED nights! 1st SexTech party in UK & Europe to feature the most customizable SexRobot! About this Event WHAT 'UNSENSORED nights' are unique sex-positive parties full of immersive entertainment and performances that extend sexual experiences with the use of technology. Whilst we are working on a full-featured edition of 'UNSENSORED nights', […]

£15 – £80

Meet_iGen: Relationships and Sex

Harington School Huntsmans Drive, Oakham

Nowhere is the impact of technology more obvious than in the areas of relationships and sex. What trends are we seeing in iGen's relationships? Are they having more or less sex? Is technology helping them experience deeper relationships and develop more social skills? How is pornography and sexting affecting iGen? 62% of teenagers actually want […]


Melbourne Sextech Hackathon

Melbourne TBD, Melbourne

Melbourne's first Sextech Hackathon is here. Future of Sex, in association with Disruptors Co, will be bringing their unique sextech hackathon format to Melbourne in February 2020. In the next few decades, our sex lives will undergo incredible change. The roles of apps, websites, robots and VR will continue to expand at the intersection of […]

AU$27.46 – AU$30

Sex Health Tech Debate

River Rooms Somerset House (New Wing Reception, Lancaster Place), London

How can tech help revolutionise the way we view our bodies, our sexuality and our relationships? Sex, hormonal and reproductive health is central to our lives. Yet it is often seen as taboo to educate ourselves on our bodies. How can health tech help break down these assumptions? How can we create more feminist and […]


SexTech: Do It Yourself

Cecil Sharp House 2 Regent's Park Road, London

#3rd edition of UNSENSORED talks! Have you ever wondered what lies underneath the soft silicon layers of sex-products? Well, now it’s the time to stop wondering, and get your own hands on it! This edition of UNSENSORED talks will shine the light on many efficient and creative ways to build your very own “sex tech” […]


Female Founders Share Their Experiences of Founding Startups

Platf9rm Hove Town Hall, Church Road, Hove

From Idea to Creation: Female Founders Share Their Experiences of Founding Startups. This will be an evening of candid conversation with a panel of female entrepreneurs in honour of International Women’s Day 2020. These creative and inspirational women will share how they took an idea and made it happen, the challenges and milestones in gaining […]

SXSW: Staying Human After Sex Robots/AI Become “Perfect”

SXSW Austin, TX

Sex robots can be considered "super-normal stimuli" capable of offering sexual pleasure that exceeds what most human partners can provide. Sex robots already populate robot brothels around the world. Upcoming versions are being equipped with eyesight and facial recognition, walking capabilities, and a full range of emotion. Soon they will read our emotion and learn […]

$1020 – $1350


Warehouse Visions Berlin GmbH Modersohnstraße 49 A #3.Stock, Berlin

The only conference where deep tech connects to the Internet of (sex!) Things After a huge success of Sx Tech Conference 2019, we are pleased to announce that Sx Tech eu is organising another global even at Warehouse Berlin on 14th September 2020! Our one-day event will bring the most innovative technologies related to Sex […]

€91.75 – €320.81